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Devenir Data-Savvy

A major challenge for employees today is overcoming the new digital challenges, also known as crossing the “Digital Chasm”.

The “Digital Chasm” represents the fracture between traditional approaches and the new technologies, processes and organizational requirements that companies need to drive innovation, agility, and customer centric dynamics.

How can we cross the digital chasm? It requires an evolution if not a revolution in our attitude and the integration of new disciplines in our daily work.

“Become data Savvy” is a unique training designed to help students harness the power of data to deliver performance, and grow their career.

Designed at Stanford University, delivered to schools and corporates around the world, this training is constantly enriched by Silicon Valley experience and has received the highest reviews from successful professionals.

This class was a game changer for me. Gauthier made foreign so clear and so applicable.

Cindy K., Marketing Manager

L’engagement de Gauthier avec son audience est remarquable. Son expertise dans le domaine rend la classe riche, pertinente et directement applicable dans mon métier.

Pierre H, Controleur Financier

Gauthier has a way to make complex topic simple and most of all applicable. A very enriching class!

Dan S., Marketing Director