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Gauthier Vasseur

When groups from different business disciplines have a well-coordinated lens on their data, collaboration can become highly efficient, innovative and pragmatic.

I blend multi-facetted experience from Finance, Operations, High Technology Start-ups, and Higher Education into professional development programs ranging from 4 hours to 5 days. These programs provide students with the deep knowledge and leadership skills they need to collaborate and design well-integrated solutions.

I help students conceptualize problems with an unbiased and holistic view so they can communicate effectively. I provide a consistent and robust framework for designing solutions that becomes the foundation of a data-driven culture.
Students and executives become “data fluent” by learning to articulate goals across information systems, data analysis, change management, and process optimization functions.

“Gauthier has a world class expertise in managing innovation and performance from strategy to daily execution. Beyond this he is a great speaker with a real stage presence. He knows how to engage a large technical and management audience of engineers using deep knowledge and his human and professional background with empathy and impact, wit and humor and even magic tricks to drive key point.”

Capucine Ortoli, HR Innovation at Airbus Group

“Professionalism and Integrity” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Gauthier. I had the pleasure of working with Gauthier during the RFP for one of my clients. I was particularly impressed by his open-mindedness and his ability to treat people with dignity and respect. Gauthier’s can-do attitude really make him a great person to work with. He earns my highest recommendation.”

Joris Denayer, Data & Analytics Senior Manager at Accenture

“Gauthier’s hands on ability to define, build and deploy business intelligence applications and teams is world class. He and his team provided extraordinary insight into our data and process that quickly became the standard at our company and within the industry. His approachable management and engaging communication style worked well with cross functional groups trying to understand BI for the first time. He supported his team and the entire organization with his knowledge and creativity.”

Doug Devlin, Chief Executive Officer at Zuman

“Gauthier brings to the Stanford classroom a world-class lecture series on Business Intelligence (BI). His experiential, interactive, multifaceted teaching approach and well-structured, engaging course materials are highly received by a full house of Silicon Valley professionals of various functions. Gauthier possess a wealth of knowledge, expertise and insight into the far-reaching value and application of Big Data in the age of globalization. As an international digital marketer, I strongly recommend his course to anyone with an interest in BI.”

Claire Tsai, Sr. Digital Marketing & Global Expansion Strategy Consultant

“Gauthier is brilliant, practical and funny (rare combination). He’s extremely knowledgeable about the intersection of marketing, big data, finance, IT and people. Incredible experience at Google, Oracle, and for consulting firms. He’s also incredibly funny and practical. He’s both right-brained AND left-brained. Knows hard and soft skills matter to get big data insights used in a company. High energy and a real passion for learning/sharing what he knows and helping others. He has the “Charisma Gene”…He’s one of the best professors I’ve ever had.”

Derrith Lambka, Marketing Strategy, Effectiveness, Insights

Executive Sessions

Kick start your conferences with high energy, innovative and tailored message that will resonate to your audience and set the base for open minded change.

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Inspiring Data Classes

With sessions ranging from 4 hours to 5 days, be ready to engage on a unique data journey that will bring together all aspects of data for quick wins and sustainable results.

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Persuasive Writing

Leverage solid and unbiased blogs and article to support your internal and external communication. Engage your readers with new ideas and thought provoking stories.

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Data Design-Thinking

Lead with a holistic approach to your data project that really fits the reality of your organization.
Stretch your goals and still focus on concrete successes.

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