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    Big Data Analytics for Finance

    Big Data Analytics for Finance and Treasury

    Drive performance with pervasive, sustainable and efficient data driven processes.

    Finance leaders are at the core of supply chain data. Working with business partners, finance leaders must leverage data to identify and quantify opportunity improvements. Using analytics, finance leaders must constantly connect and process data to generate insight. Finally, as co-pilots of the company’s strategy, finance leaders must interpret, investigate and refine the facts that will drive actions.

    With increasing budget and time constraints, finance leaders cannot afford low-throughput options to deliver on their organization’s mission. Yet, bogged down in manual and labor intensive tasks, teams struggle to change their game. It is time to reset these approaches and build the right foundations for a sound data strategy.

    Designed from Stanford Continuing Studies featured class, Tame Big Data for Big Insight, this session will present immediately applicable tactics for finance leaders to start leveraging data efficiently and effectively.