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Become Data-Wise

“Digital Darwinism” is certainly the largest threats for companies today.

Digital Darwinism is the theory that companies develop in the same way as species, and that those that are most successful in adapting to their environment will survive.

In this context, nobody is too big to fail.

The fate of the C. Megalodon perfectly illustrates that even the largest, strongest, mightiest creatures can become extinct if they can’t adapt to the evolution of their food chain and their environment.

If the Megalodon’s reign spanned well over 10 million years, companies today don’t have the luxury of time. Looking at the fortune 500 from 1955 shows that only 71 companies maintained their rank. Within the last 10 years, close to half of the companies in that group are not longer part of it today.

Overcoming “Digital Darwinism” requires an evolution if not a revolution of our business philosophy, processes, models and systems. Companies must compete with agility, efficiency and constantly learn with clear insight. Innovation must be ingrained in their DNA. These behaviors can’t be dictated, but they can be fostered.

Become Data-Wise is a training that was specifically designed to support organizations in their evolution.

Participants will learn how to connect technology, data, people, and processes into a balanced framework.

Teams will understand the fundamentals of:

  • Well designed system architectures
  • Scalable and holistic data analytics
  • Digital change management
  • Efficient and lean processes
  • Data driven culture promotion

Based on my Stanford course, Tame Data for Big Insight, this training is designed to help participants to become Data Wise, to deliver performance, collaboration and innovation by harnessing the power of data.

“Digital Darwism” is coming at us. Let’s become data wise and take a leg up in the race.

This class gave me the right keys to not only drive but also get actively involved in my teams transformation for faster, broader and more accurate analytics.

Robert M., CFO

We understood how we could make our data processing so much faster and how fluid information could be made to foster constant business optimization.

Patrick P., VP Operations

Gauthier’s understanding of data and Marketing analytics made this class extremely rich in applicable strategies to run our marketing better.

Lara F., CMO