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Article in AFP Magazine - September 2016 Issue Cracking the Code: Is algorithmic forecasting the future of finance? Algorithmic forecasting may sound a little like science fiction, but it is available today. This technology relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess the probability if events. It then runs assess the probability of events. It then runs sophisticated scenario analyses using predictive analytics so finance teams can figure out how best to prepare for what's ahead. Having a clearer line of sight into the future is going to be the biggest competitive differentiator for companies going forward. Learn more here (for AFP subscribers)

Bobs Guide

Bobs Guide In spite of significant investments by vendors, internal IT organisations, and businesses, answers to key questions remain elusive. How much better can my operations become?  What is 'better' anyway and how do I measure it? What is the most impactful path to accomplish my goals? How do I stay responsive to changes in a dynamic environment to reach my company’s optimal balance for sustainable growth? In other words, how I do reach my efficient business frontier? Learn more here.