Let’s celebrate 5 years of the Stanford Continuing Studies Data Class!

Celebrating 5 years of the Stanford Continuing Studies Data Class Let’s celebrate five years of the Stanford Continuing Studies Data Class. Since 2012, over 1,000 students have chosen to take on a data journey at Stanford Continuing Studies and around the world. Countless stories and opportunities started there. Engagement, challenging discussions, not to mention the fun stories and magic tricks that made this class one of my best experiences in Silicon Valley. You are invited to join me, our speakers and many data aficionados for a class reunion at Google Launchpad San Francisco, on September 13th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Data is about people first. Let's all reconnect and meet up! To register, please visit: http://gauthiervasseur.com/data-event-registration/

Leading the Digital Revolution: The Keys to Master Big Data

Leading the Digital Revolution: The Keys to Master Big Data How can you engage in the digital revolution with confidence and leadership? How can you master Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, etc. without a proper grasp on big data? Creating a data-driven culture is a foundation for digital transformation. Taming "Big Data" for big insight by connecting technology, data, people, and processes is a key foundation. Exclusively designed for SciencesPo, this evening session will present clear and applicable answers to get started today on a sustainable basis. Derived from the featured Stanford Business School class "Data for Action," enriched by a decade of experience in the leading edge tech companies of Silicon Valley (Google, Oracle, and many startups), this event will be followed by a discussion on new data approaches and innovation dynamics.

Bring a Humanist Approach to Data

Conference at Notre Dame de Namur University A humanist approach for data. Drive digital transformation with confidence Since the rise of the Big Data wave, we’ve been facing a deluge of technology and Data Analytics that have been hard to connect with real life and business problems. This session covers 7 pillars of human-driven data approach that will help attendees embrace the data opportunity with confidence, leadership, and wisdom. By connecting each of them to French humanists, philosophers and scientists work, we will see what lessons from history and culture are not only valid but are required to help us make the right choices.

AFP Desert Summit

Presenting at AFP Desert Summit Presenting at 2016-Desert Summit with AFP (Association of Finance Professionals): Big Data for Finance and Treasury.  Drive performance with pervasive, sustainable and efficient data driven processes. Finance leaders are at the core of supply chain data. Working with business partners, finance leaders must leverage data to identify and quantify opportunity improvements. Using analytics, finance leaders must constantly connect and process data to generate insight. Finally, as co-pilots of the company's strategy, finance leaders must interpret, investigate and refine the facts that will drive actions. With increasing budget and time constraints, finance leaders cannot afford low-throughput options to deliver on their organization's mission. Yet, bogged down in manual and labor intensive tasks, teams struggle to change their game. It is time to reset these approaches and build the right foundations for a sound data strategy. Designed from Stanford Continuing Studies featured class, Tame Big Data for Big Insight, this session will present immediately applicable tactics for finance leaders to start leveraging data efficiently and effectively. Check the video at www.gauthiervasseur.com/Desert-Summit